Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Days

Today's been one of "those days".

Danny came home from work early and decided to get in a quick nap before he had to head back to work tonight.  It sounded like a good idea (since I was half asleep all morning from a second consecutive night of constant feedings for Alyssa) and with both kids down for their afternoon naps I joined him.  That lasted about 5 minutes before Alyssa woke up - there went my nap. 

Alyssa also decided that she was hungry about an hour before her next feeding (she's either in a growth spurt or those bumps on her gums are going to actually let way for some chompers), so she had to be fed.  I'm sitting on the couch, feeding her and I can hear Lynden crying.  This isn't good since he naps in his regularr underwear (we had 3 bad days and 2 Fantastic days and then today more accidents).  He wanders slowly into the livingroom and I can see wet underwear.  Sigh.  Alyssa is now unlatched and I have to deal with a wet toddler.  Off to the bathroom, find some new underwear and then go inspect his bed to see if he peed in bed - thankfully no.  Now to get back to a baby who is still hungry since her feeding was interrupted (thankfully she's used to it as we rarely get in a steady feed during the day.  I'm not too concerned since she's got these wonderfully adorable thigh rolls).  The joys of having a nursing baby and a potty training toddler.

We were gone for half of the long weekend and don't have much in the fridge for food and my tiredness today didn't have the motivation to come up with a dinner that included sausages and cauliflower, maybe tomorrow.  So, had to send Danny out to get a quick dinner so he could eat before he went back to work. 

And having been away for a night I didn't bathe the kids on my schedule and it had to be done tonight (Lynden's been running around outside and Alyssa has rubbed her head in spit up, yum!).  Normally we don't bathe both of them in the same night but I didn't have a choice tonight and I was doing it solo (usually Danny washes Lynden and I wash Alyssa).  Lynden's went ok, I decided to rinse his head with the detachable shower head, which he wasn't keen on.  Alyssa was in a mood, so she cried in her bath at the start, which always makes it fun.  But once she starting kicking and splashing she had a good time, although Lynden did not like getting splashed in the face.  So, I asked him to grab a towel and dry himself off.  He stepped off the stool and slipped on water and smoked the back of his head on the edge of the stool.  Now, I have a toddler screaming on the floor and a baby in the bath... Perfect!!  I scooped Lynden up as fast as I could, held him while resting a hand on Alyssa.  I was able to play it off and cheer him up pretty soon (he has a nice goose egg) and rush through the rest of Alyssa's bath, get her dried off, and dress both of them. 

Much like baths, we pair off while getting the kids ready for bed, but with Danny at work I've got to plan it so I can nurse Alyssa and get her to bed in time for Lynden's bedtime.  With the Canucks game on Lynden has to go to bed at the end of the period of he cries because he's missing hockey (he's definitely my son).  It was going smoothly until I put Alyssa into her bed, then the screaming started.  So, I let her go for a bit and then cave, pick her up (I don't know why I have a harder time letting her cry than I did with Lynden), and sooth her (it was a valid screaming fit afterall, she threw up all over me, her and the floor once I  picked her up... so glad I just bathed her).  Then the period ends, so I have to get Lynden into bed.  Lay her back down, just to start the screaming all over again, brush his teeth, power read through a story and kiss him good night (so glad he stays in bed) just so I can rush back to Alyssa who has worked herself up and wants to nurse again.  It's going to be a long night.

But I did manage to unload and reload the dishwasher and wash the pots and pans that have been sitting on the counter all weekend.

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