Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking Forward To Better Weeks

It's been a bad week for me.  Felt like I was bring buried alive by the amount of laundry needing to be done, didn't get a handle on the house chores at all, and between a worried mommy about Lynden's pee pee, a fussy baby that did not want to sleep (she actually slept one day for a grand total of 35 minutes between noon and 10pm) and wanted to be held at bedtime making it impossible for me to fold said laundry, a toddler who wouldn't take "no" as an acceptable answer for anything and was waking up WAY too early for me I wasn't motivated to do much.  Then my cell phone died, Danny's, literally, fell apart the next day (the only thing holding it together is a ribbon inside the phone and now some tape), and we needed to go grocery shopping only to lose the bank card, which we later found, the day I was able to take the car to do it.  And now my darned car is acting up again.... sigh... it has not been a good week for me. 

Although I learned Lynden listens to the microwave.  He was bugging me to paint one afternoon after his nap and I wasn't ready to start so I showed him the timer on the microwave and set it for 5 minutes and told him when it beeped we'd paint.  He said ok and went and played in his playroom by himself, something he very rarely does, for the 5 minutes.  When the microwave beeped he came running out "microwave went beep beep".  Now any time I set the timer he goes and plays quietly by himself in his playroom until it beeps.  Needless to say I love my microwave timer at the moment. 

Lynden has also had a great potty week.  When we bought his night underwear (AKA pull ups) we said when it ran out he was going to start wearing regular underwear to bed.  We had 1 wet pull up since we bought that pack (and it was the day when his neck was really sore and he could barely move so it was understandable) and we're down to the last 6.  Alyssa has also improved her hand skills this week.  She's really good about grasping what she's looking at and can now shake a rattle like no one's business as well as hold her toes - so cute.  She's also discovered that "other baby" in the mirror and loves smiling at her. 

As bad as this week was for me it's been nice to not be out and about too much as we have some really crazy weeks ahead of us.  We're making play group and story time on Tuesdays our regular thing and we've got playdates, the Cloverdale Rodeo, Surrey Kids Festival, Thomas in Squamish, the Aquarium, and another mom meet n greet (all in the next 3 weeks).  Danny's also talking about starting to teach me and his mom how to scuba dive in June (yay!) so I'm also looking into taking the kids to the pool on a regular basis too. 

Guess I better get used to getting up at 6am to drive Danny to work.

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