Thursday, May 26, 2011


Danny's been on my case for about 2 weeks to make some cookies, so I decided today I would.  Lynden had woken up from his nap and Alyssa had decided to go back to sleep so I asked Lynden to help me.  He loves pouring the measuring cups and spoons into the bowls, helping me stir, and putting the batter onto the cookie sheet or muffin trays (depending on what I'm making). 

I pulled out my trusty cookie recipe, that I clipped from the back of a flour bag, and got the bowls set up only to have Alyssa wake up and demand to eat.  Lynden was a trooper and waited patiently (as patiently as a 2 year old can) while I changed and fed Alyssa. 


Once Alyssa was done I set her up in her exersaucer, which she started using today and seems to enjoy, and went back to getting out the supplies we needed to make cookies.  We measured, we poured, we mixed, we tested the chocolate chips to make sure they were ok, we scooped dough onto the cookie sheet and we baked them.  Something went wrong in the process, though, and the cookies were these flat, mooshed together, gooey things that weren't fully cooked after 5 extra minutes of cooking time.  Poor Lynden was more upset than I was about it, so I salvaged what I could and distracted him long enough so I could make a new batch, using the same ingredients and amounts as before.  I don't know what happened the first time around since the second batch turned out just fine.  The whole time it was in the oven he kept asking "this one better?" and was thrilled when I said yes. 

Waiting for the cookies to bake

Finally!  Yum!
And like all children, the minute they came out of the oven he was asking me for a cookie.  He was good about waiting until they cooled down.  When I handed him one he took the fastest and biggest first bite I have ever seen.  I am sure he had more chocolate on his face than in his tunny, but that's what makes a cookie so good. 

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  1. I must bake soon too; I now have at 5 bananas is my freezer with nowhere to go:) lol I love your family pic btw:)