Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 8 Shows

As I was reading through some blogs I found this great link up for Tuesday Topics.  This week's is 8 shows and, being a TV addict, I had to share my 8 favourite shows that I'm currently watching.
1. Sons of Anarchy

If you have not seen it yet, what are you waiting for?  It's Brilliant!!  Danny asked me if I wanted to try an episode about a year ago and I agreed, not knowing anything about it.  I was hooked before the opening credits. 
It's well written, well acted, and intense.  All around brilliant.  You need to watch SOA. 
2. Fringe
We've been on a big Fringe kick lately, mainly because it's ending this coming Friday (I am not ready for it to end).  I started watching half way through Season 1 and it's right up my alley - if you were a Lostie you'll like Fringe. 
3. Big Bang Theory
It's probably one of my favourite comedies right now.  Although, am I the only one predicting a drinking problem in Penny's future?  There's hardly a scene without her drinking in it. 
4. Criminal Minds
I've watched it from the beginning, which says a lot because after all the drama a few years ago with some of the actors it really did take a toll on the show.  I adore the characters and find the whole idea of the BAU so intriguing.  I am really looking forward to the big bad guy they're leading up to, especially since the last 2 repeat bad guys were incredible story lines (Doyle and The Reaper).
5. Grey's Anatomy
Yes, I watch Grey's.  It's another show I've watched from early on, but I do feel like it's dropped a lot in the last few years.  But every time we get close to a season end and I think that'll be it for me the season finale gets me, every time.  They really know how to do some great finales. 
6. Once Upon A Time
Another J.J Abrams show (to be honest I give most of his stuff a try since I liked Alias and Loved Lost) with quite a few Lost actors.  It's intriguing and like most of his shows you really have no idea who's good or bad, where the story is going to go, or how you got to where you are. 
7. Storage Wars (original and Texas)
Am I the only one who thinks what they do is pretty cool?  Where else can you "score a lick" as good as what Darryl did a few weeks ago (over $300,000 in one locker)?  It took me awhile to get into the Texas episodes, but this season I like the competition between Jenny and Mary.  Besides, it's fun saying "Yuuuuup"
8. Supernatural
Let's face it, the only reason I watch this show is because of Jensen Ackles.  Hell-o!  I keep hoping I'm going to run into him on the way to Lynden's preschool since a) there's been a lof of filming in the main court and b) the show is filmed in Vancouver. 


  1. Love me some Big Bang Theory too! I catch the new one every week and watch reruns quite a bit. I'm really liking this new season too and you are very right. Penny is drinking is like every episode, we'll have to see where that goes...

  2. I've been watching Fringe since the beginning...but it doesn't really remind me of Lost at all! It's much to science fictiony for me, I lot of the time I can't even understand what's going on. I hope the finale is good!

    1. I saw it more in the first season. I kept expecting on of their events to be Island related. There was a lot of science fiction in Season 5 of Lots - I had no idea what was going on

  3. You are exactly right about SOA. I wasn't sure what I was getting into at first, but now I am hooked!! Always some twist or turn happening on that show.


  4. Grey's is the only one of your shows that I have seen. Just goes to show you how much is on TV out there!

  5. SOA & Criminal Minds are two of my favorite!!

    My eight (in order) would be:

    The Walking Dead
    Sons of Anarchy
    Criminal Minds
    Law & Order SVU
    American Horror Story Asylum
    Chicago Fire
    The Mentalist

    ... I know that last one is the oddball of the bunch. Lol.

  6. bbt is rather funny :)

    criminal minds is good yet scary/freaky! i only watch it during the daylight hours lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog! happy wednesday!

  7. I am so lame.. I don't watch ANY of these shows. We watch a lot of football around here and now The Biggest Loser and hopefully American Idol is good this year! We also like the news. Told you.. LAME! But I DID win hockey tickets off the news last night, so it's worth it! :)

  8. I wonder what the heck I am watching that I haven't seen any of those shows. I am going to have to try and catch a few of them!

  9. I kind of watch Storage Wars and The Big Bang Theory by default because my husband watches both!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  10. I'm a TV addict too! I use to be obsessed with Fringe, and then I had a baby and fell behind. I still need to check out Criminal Minds. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day---following you back!