Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution - 2013

2012 was not a great year for us.  It was a year of recovery for us.  Before we moved back to the coast we dug ourselves a very large hole and the last year and a bit has been us climbing out of it.  The light is at the end of the tunnel for us, which is beyond exciting. 

2013 will be bring us a fresh start in so many ways.  And we plan on taking advantage of it, as a family. 

Here are some things we've decided to focus on in 2013:
  • Continue with tracking our food waste (mainly me).
    Hopefully we can learn from last year and bring our final total down dramatically.  I'm sticking on monthly meal planning and I've even made my own printable grocery list template to help keep it all organized. 
  • Focus on more family time.
    More time with the kids one on one.  When Lynden turned 2 we started having a family day on his birthday.  With Alyssa turning 2 this month we're going to start the tradition with her.  We're planning on having more family outing (sometimes just one on one, sometimes all together), and focusing on more family time together.
  • Focus on more couple time. 
    Danny and I have been through a lot in the last 3 years and we're going to get back to spending time with eachother, as a couple.  By the time mid February rolls around we'll have had a few child free evenings.
  • Limit our frivolous spending.
    We're not stopping, as where's the fun in that?  But, we're aware of it and we're going to make a plan to limit it and spend wisely when we do want to treat ourselves. 
  • Limit our eating out.
    We're really bad for getting lazy and ordering take out at the last minute.  We've talked and we've agreed to budget for eating out once a month.  Which, in turn, means we need to be better about sticking to our meal plans and actually cooking.  It "should" help with eating left overs better, which should lead to less wasting of food. 
  • Start saving for Disneyland.
    We've talked about taking the kids to Disneyland and we've finally decided we're going in 2015 (Alyssa will be 4 and Lynden 6).  We have a plan to start saving money. 
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Disney Jar

As for myself, I'm planning on staying on top of house work more (I'm really unmotivated to do any of it), starting to work from home, start using my sewing machine, and focusing more on the kids during the day. 

I'm bad for reading blogs, puttering around on Pinterest, wasting time on Facebook and promising to do stuff with them and running out of time.  I am going to make it a point to do something with them each day, even if it's play doh, baking, a craft, or just playing.  Lynden starts Kindergarten in 9 months and I don't want to regret not spending more quality time with him before he starts school.  It's the whole reason I opted to not go back to work full time; to enjoy spending time with my kids.   

Some other things I'm thinking about (I'm working on changes in waves - I figure you'll more likely stick to things if you don't try to change too much at one.  And the stuff we've decided to focus on are really 2 new things, just with subcategories). 
  • Being more active - Kinect while it's freezing out with spring bringing more walking and tennis (also doubles as couple time)
  • Eating better - making more of our own foods (I need a deep freeze) and eating less junk (that hardest part for me as I have a terrible sweet tooth).  I really like the idea of trying the 10 Day Pledge to eat Real Food
  • Decluttering our house - I know I said this last year but I'm feeling really good about getting a fresh start that I need to do it.  Danny took our broken computer away from out computer desk and it feels so much better.  This week I'm doing our bedroom (now that I have my closet back) and it's going to be awesome.  Over the next while (probably one a week) I'll be working my way through all the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and our entry way.  Purging all the junk we don't need but can't seem to get rid of.  Hopefully by doing this now when we move this spring/summer it'll be less work. 
  • Get started on some of the Pinterest projects I keep saying I'm going to do.  Part of it is the fact I have no "crafty" supplies, so I have to buy everything.  But, I am going to pick one project and once I'm done I'll see what supplies I have and pick my next project from there.  My first task is to make curtains for the kids rooms (with my sewing machine). 

So, that's where I'm starting the year at.  What goals/resolutions have you set for 2013?


  1. Definitely sounds like a lot to accomplish in 2013. I have faith you can do it.

    I created a link up for us to hold each other accountable for sticking with our resolutions every Thursdays throughout 2013.

    1. I think it's helped that my husband and i have talked about it, so we've both agreed on these things. It's so much harder when only 1 person wants to make changes but not the other.

      I will check out your weekly link up :o)

  2. those are pretty good ages for disneyland. i love taking my little there! love that you are still tracking the food waste as well- so smart! i NEED to do this.

    1. Thanks Kendra. I'd love to go now but it's a waste since my daughter's too young. I'm pretty excited to go.

      If you do keep track of your food waste let me know how it goes :o)