Thursday, January 24, 2013

Different Thoughts All In One Post

I've been a bad blogger and I'm going to continue to be for the next bit.  We're moving at the end of next month so we're getting ready to start packing (I need my lists don't you know).  However, there have been things I've wanted to blog about, just not enough time (or energy).  I'm going to give you the cole's notes version instead

**We've enrolled Lynden in karate.  Danny got on this band wagon a few weeks ago and after watching a class and meeting with the sensei twice Lynden officially starts on Thursday.  He's pretty excited and it's nice to see him excited about starting something new. 

**Speaking of starting something new, Danny and I have been back-and-forth and then back-and-forth again on Kindergarten.  English or French Immersion?  We cannot decide.  Every time I think I've decided on one I get swayed the other way again.  It's not like I'm waiting until the last minute or anything (French Immersion enrollment is Monday at 7:30).  What did you decide?  Why?  I need all the help I can get.

**Alyssa's vocabulary continues to astound me.  Every day she's picking up more and more.  My current favourite is she calls Lynden "nee-nee" and Alyssa "aha", and when you tell Lynden to say sorry she says "sorry nee nee".  Even Lynden's started to tell her she's not the one who needs to say sorry, but it's still adorable. 

**Alyssa is getting closer and closer to starting potty training.  The only things stopping me from doing it now is her fear of sitting on the potty and the move next month.  We've decided to start in April. 

**We went and saw Cirque Du Solei's Amaluna last week.  We had Fantastic seats and the show was incredible.  It's amazing how talented the performers are.  The swimmer was unbelievable, the tight rope walkers are crazy (I can barely walk on solid ground with heels on, forget on a tight rope), the leaping men we're spectacular, and that was the most intense stick braiding.  Ever.  Seriously.  If you get a chance to go, go!

**Lynden's been practicing his letters lately.  That kid astounds me; we hadn't worked on them since before Christmas and he's just about mastered them.  We just need to work on his patience (we had a small meltdown over them not being perfect.  I never thought I'd see a kid so upset about having to take a break from writing)

** My orchid bloomed.  I was quite relieved to see a flower and not some egg sack hatch. 
Seriously though, does anyone know what I should be doing with it?

**Danny and I went to school with a guy, Kurtis, who has 2 kids, around our kids ages.  He's an incredibly talented artist and he's recently started a Tumblr page about the funny things his kids say.  If you want a good chuckle, check outs Kids, Eh?.  It's so nice to see it's not just my kids (my favourite has to be punching the poop out - Lynden tells us it's eating, which is why it takes so long).

Other than that, I've got nothing.  It's been pretty laid back, which is nice because at some point I am going to have to start going through things, purging, packing, and cleaning.  So, please forgive me while I post sporadically over the next 5-6 weeks. 


  1. My fiance and I have been discussing enrolling our daughter in a language immersion school once she gets older as well. I firmly believe it's one of the BEST ways for a kid/person to learn another language.

    I basically grew up in Germany (compliments of the Army) and a few months before we went there for the first time, I tried to learn German. It never took. However, when we moved there, I picked up on it soooo quickly. I think fully immersing yourself in an environment is so much more beneficial then trying Rosetta Stone.

    Do let me know what you decide. I love the idea of French. Very Chic!


  2. are right, lots of thoughts. : ) I hope moving goes well. I dread even the thought of it. Smart kiddos! Orchid are so pretty. Have a great day.

  3. My kids are in a Hebrew Immersion program. I think it's a great experience!