Friday, January 25, 2013

Isn't That Pinteresting - Moving Edition

Now that we're moving I've been looking to Pinterest for ideas on furniture ideas.  We have an extra room that we can use as a media room and a small dining area we can put out table, but that leaves a large hole in the kitchen. 

Of course you get quite sidetracked while looking for things on Pinterest, but here are some ideas I like for our new place

Pinned Image
mason jar toothbrush holder
easy to clean
Pinned Image
crate coffee table
Pinned Image
storage from bookcases
We have a space for this,
but I think it'd be better in a kitchen

Pinned Image
Picture Wall
Love this!

Pinned Image
Pallet Sofa
Love, but it would take up too much room

Pinned Image
Laundry Room
The shelf and rods are great
Pinned Image
Night Stand
Put a power bar in the drawer
Declutters the top
Pinned Image
Ruler Growth Chart
I WANT this
Pinned Image
Shelves for cars
Love the idea but it could cause fights with the kids
I might just do one for Lynden's Cars cars
Pinned Image
Toy Storage
So clean and crisp looking
Pinned Image
Hanging Shelves
Would be perfect for a little girl
who is all about her babies
Pinned Image
Closet Ideas
The kids have smaller rooms
so we have to plan better for storage

Pinned Image
Outdoor Race Track
PERFECT for Lynden

 My ALL time favourite and I am making Danny makes this for me, just a bit shorter to go in our kitchen.  This way the kids can play playdoh, paint, crafts, etc.  And when we do our holiday dinners we have extra seating for the kids or to put food on. 

Pinned Image
Play Table
LOVE everything about this
So many ideas and I'm super anxious to move in to see how much room we actually have to do some of these things. 

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  1. Loved these ideas. Pinterest sucks me in like nothing else! I am one click away from following. you on Pinterest and will very soon be doing so...right after I post this comment. ;) I am participating in a Blogger Tag Game if you are interested. I would love to hear more about you!