Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution Update: December

I know I'm a tad late with this. 

We left off in November with me having $19.89 to come in below my target of $200 of wasted food for the year. 

Food We Tossed:

1 cucumber: $0.99 (It was rotten within 2 days of buying it)
2 heads of lettuce: $1.98
1 red onion: $0.65
Mashed potatoes: $0.32
Macaroni: $0.65 (Danny made a whole box of macoroni noodles for 2 people)
Fridge clean out #1: $10.17
Ginger Cookie batter: $3.24 (it was the shortning that made this so high)
1 orange: $0.16
2 mandarins: $0.23
6 baby yukon gold potatoes: $0.50
Fridge Clean out #2: $5.27
Rum Balls: $1.26

Monthly Amount:


Year to Date:


Damn!  I was close.  The ginger cookie batter and rum balls burns me, for a slew of reasons; I didn't get my annual ginger cookies (the rum balls were for someone else) and without them I would have been $1.02 over my goal. 

Average Monthly Total:


All things considered I'm not unhappy with it (I'm not thrilled either).  It was an eye opening experience and I think it's helped us realize how much we actually throw out.  I will continue to keep track (I don't know if I'll post on here or not) and hopefully I can see that number drop even more. 

Check in again tomorrow to see what we have planned for 2013 (I do mean "we"; we're working on things as a family this year). 


  1. You were close. Don't be disappointed. You were more thoughtful about what you wasted than most people are. I am still impressed.

  2. I'm not disappointed - more aware of what we waste. It was beyond helpful to see and put a number value on it. We basically threw away almost 2 weeks worth of food.

    Since writing this post I've discoved another way to save on some of the left overs we don't eat. I'm pretty excited about it :o)