Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I love you, I hope you know that.  It's sweet that you remember my favourite Halloween candy is Rockets, I appreciate you trying to keep the bedroom and downstairs clean since I finally donated half of what was stored in there, I'm grateful that you do stop at the grocery store when I ask you to and put up with my quirkiness with grocery shopping. 

I think you are an amazing father.  I love that you spent Friday having a "Daddy-Son Day" by taking Lynden on the Skytrain and Sea Bus, bought his a new old firetruck, let him play, got him comics, and told him stories about when mommy and daddy first met.  I adore that you are so in love with our kids and marvel, constantly, at how amazing they are. 

I am lucky to have you in my life.

So, let's talk about the dishwasher.

I know I'm a bit anal about how I load it, but there's a reason behind it (isn't there always when someone's particular about doing something?). 

I feel when the dishwasher is run it should be full.  Let's talk about the term "full" for a moment because I know you run it when it's "full" but we have very different definitions of the word.

To me, full is when the dishwasher is full of dishes, not pots and pans, colanders, tupperware, your coffee pot, etc.  Since most of those can be washed by hand, I don't like taking up valuable space that could be used for... well, dishes. 

However, there are exceptions.  When the dishwasher is over half full and we're out of something (cups for the kids, plates, cutlery - not forks since we are now down to 2, etc) then I feel it's okay to put some of those mentioned in, starting with the ones that are going to take more time to wash (like pots that weren't rinsed after being used and are now caked on).

Back to my reason, it drives me crazy when I open a dishwasher than been run only to see the bottom rack have a few plates, a mixing bowl and some tupperware while there is a full counter of dishes that a) could have been washed in lieu of those items and b) now fill up the dishwasher and I immediately have to run it again. 

It's counter productive and irritates me to no end (in case you missed the memo, happy wife = happy life).

If I can have a holiday dinner for 16 and not have a full load of dishes waiting to go in while I'm running the first load I don't see why we can't accomplish the same thing the rest of the year.

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it.  Please stop putting my good paring knife in the dishwasher.  Yes, I know it's a small knife and the cheap ones go in, but it's still a good knife and it needs to be hand washed.  Think of it like one of your beloved steak knives that we're both so protective of. 

Thanks babe!

I love you,

Your slightly dishwasher crazy wife. 

I am still looking for co-hosts for a link-up/blog hop that benefits your local food bank.  You can read about it here.  The last day to sign up will be Sunday Nov 18th. 


  1. ughhh.. I SO agree with you! Maybe I'll have my husband read this. :)

  2. Followin' back! Baahahah, I totally feel for you--I'm ridiculously anal about the dishwasher...among other household chores...sigh.

  3. Hi,
    I came from Mom's Mingle. I don't let my knives go in the dishwasher either.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    1. Glad to hear your knives don't go in the dishwasher. Soon we'll teach everyone :o)

  4. I hope this works for you!

    I also wanted to invite you to my blog today. I'm trying my hand (2nd try actually) at hosting a blog hop.


  5. Am totally the opposite. I feel like dishes get cleaner if they don't sit in the dishwasher dirty for long. This is a recent development for me as I used to look at the dishwasher like origami. Or tetris. Visitng from the moms mingle

    1. Never thought of it that way. Granted my dishwasher gets run every 1-1.5 days so it's not too bad. I just like it full ;o)

  6. LOL!! I know, right!?! Men and dish washing!! We take turns loading the dishwasher and I always check after my husband loads it to make sure we have it completely full and arranged in the right way!

    1. It's a habit I keep thinking "I'll be fine with it" but I never am :o)