Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Days Until Dash {2.0} Returns

I've been a little busy lately trying to get my Christmas shopping done (I'm about 70% there and may be able to finish by the 8th), working, dealing with Lynden's activities winding down (he's done with everything, so it's been a bit of negotiating) and waiting for Dash's return (Yes, 2.0.  The originally seems to have gone AWOL)

This last week my work schedule was a little off with a late night shopping event I worked (hence the lack of posts) and it was the week Lynden decided to have melt downs over everything.  Chores, preschool, skating, swimming, life...  It's been great.  Thankfully this week is his last swimming and he's only got 3 more skating lessons and then we're done for a bit. 

To end my busy week was my birthday - Danny spoiled me with a beautiful necklace (Lynden keeps asking me about his necklace, which I still LOVE).  My sister, her boyfriend, Danny and I went out for dinner followed by bowling, where we met up with a friend I haven't seen in 5 years!!  It was a lot of fun. 

Saturday night was my work Christmas party.  It's been a few years since I've been to one here and it was a Blast!  I think it's safe to say no one parties like HOK. 

It's hard to explain without working for the company.  There were awesome prizes, a cross dressing hypnosis act (which was beyond hilarious), "magic tricks" (that were even funnier since most of them failed... completely), dancing, limbo, and a few injuries during the race portion of the night. 

All of this seems totally normal to me. 

I was also given my 5 year gift, a pretty new watch, by my favourite person in the company (my manager from the Okanagan), who was very close to bringing me to tears.  At the end of his speech he told me he was hoping I was going to cry (I figure if I managed to not cry, in front of him, on my last shift with him I wasn't going to cry then either). 

It was a great weekend!!

Now we're into the final week of November and I am so excited for Dash's return on Friday.  We're also getting ready to set up for Christmas (Danny's agreed to a real tree this year!), all our holiday activities (Santa Parade, Christmas Train, looking at all the Christmas lights, ice skating outside, among a few things). 

Cans for Comments will be happening from December 7-15th (look for more details coming soon for those of you wanting to participate). 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it'll all be worth it when Dash arrives and we share his daily antics. 


  1. I'm jealous of your Christmas preparedness!! I'm about 1% done...

    1. I work in retail so I don't want to spend my days off in the mall fighting with people over stuff