Friday, November 30, 2012

Cans For Comments

A few weeks back I was looking for co-hosts to help out with a fundraiser to support local food banks. 

Sadly, I didn't get as good of a response as I was hoping for BUT I had 2 wonderful bloggers volunteer.  So, on we go! 

From Friday December 7th to Saturday December 15th we will be partaking in the 1st Cans For Comments. 

My wonderful co-hosts are Liz from Funny Postpartum Lady and Dawn from Dawn's Disaster. 

Liz is co-hosting for the 7th-15th and has graciously agreed to donate 1 can for each comment she receives during that time and $1 for every new follower! 

Dawn will be joining us from the 13-15th, donating 10-cents per comment :o)

I will be donating 1 can for every comment and $1 for every 5 new followers. 

So make sure you come back and check us out during those 8 days. 

I'm also challenging all bloggers out there to participate for 1 day - any day you like.  You are welcome to set your goal at anything you like (cans, money, toys, your choice).  We will have a link-up open so come back and join us! 

Remember, it benefits your local food bank. 

If you would like to join in on the co-hosting gig, you can contact me here

Grab the button (copy and paste) if you wish to participate during Cans for comments.  Pass the word along, the more the merrier

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