Thursday, November 22, 2012

Get Ready For Sweetness Overload

Last week Lynden had a preschool field trip to our local lapidary club. 

A) I didn't know we had one and B) I didn't even know what it was. 

For those of you joining me in the latter, a lapidary club is a place with rocks, stones, and some fossils. 

I didn't take Lynden to this field trip - Danny's off on Thursdays and I can't drive stick so he took Lynden.  I also think it was good for Danny to go on a field trip with him, more so since there seems to be an issue with other kid in his class (of course this kid didn't go on the field trip so Danny couldn't see what was going on - yes, we're going to talk to his teachers about it). 

But... onto the sweetness factor.

Lynden came home with presents!!!  He made Alyssa and I wait upstairs so he could bring them up and surprise us. 

He brought Alyssa this:

On Tuesday when Alyssa and I went to pick Lynden up from preschool she found a rock and carried it with her the whole way there and back.  Of course, Lynden found this to be interesting and wanted to "share" (read: take) the rock. 

I guess he remembered and brought her back her own rock.

He also came home with a home made pet rock

Isn't it cute?
I also got a few rocks

But... the best??


I LOVE it!!  It's the first thing he's made specifically for me.  (Yes, I've had pictures made for me, but this is different). 

I will keep my beautiful necklace forever!