Wednesday, June 13, 2012

While The Hubby's Away...

I mentioned last week that Danny was shipped to Montreal for work.  His work was "nice" enough to give us 3 days notice; thankfully my work and those watching our kids were able to accommodate the rearranging of schedules.

Since I've gone back to work I've had a bit of a hard time adjusting to being away from the kids, even though I know it's good for them (and me).  It's been really nice to be back with them for consecutive days, even though the weather has SUCKED (welcome to Junuary) and we've been stuck indoors.

I hate to admit it but it was easier than I thought it would be being single-mama for 2 weeks (don't get me wrong I want my hubby home and the kids miss their daddy terribly).  Somehow knowing that I have to cook all the meal, I have to clean up, I have to bathe the kids, I have to put them to bed, and I have to do all the errands made it easy.  There's no expectation of Danny helping out, I know I have to do it. 

Ideally if I thought like this all the time I'd get more done... but we're going to pretend I didn't say that, ok?

However, some things weren't a walk in the park.  Finding time to shower, which normally isn't an issue but with Alyssa climbing anything and everything I'm leery to leave her in Lynden's supervision for the 10-15 minutes it takes me to shower. 

By Lynden's supervision I mean them taking turns to come into the bathroom to talk to me, play with the shower curtain, open cupboards and drawers, show me a toy, and run away.  Sometimes I actually get 2-3 minutes of silence, which means Mickey Mouse was entertaining on the 137th viewing. 

Lynden had a hard time with his daddy being away.  We put airplane stickers on a calendar for the day Danny left and comes home, and we've been crossing off days.  But that doesn't stop Lynden from asking me multiple times a day what time daddy's coming home.  Even when he's on the phone with Danny he's asking "when you coming home?".  Last night's call was the hardest (for me to hear).  At the end of the conversation Lynden said "I really love you" (aww) "I really miss you" (grab me a tissue). 

Lynden also resorted to having multiple accidents a day. 

I know it has to do with the situation change and Lynden not understanding anything more than daddy's not home, but we just stopped the previous round of accidents from me returning to work.  As the solo parent in the house it's tiring having accidents over and over and over again, especially when Lynden is fully potty trained.  (I'm a little worried about how he's going to react to Preschool this fall)

Thankfully Lynden seems to be over it, for the most part, just in time for Danny's return home.

One big perk: Lynden's been Super lovey.  Every chance he gets to tell me he loves me he takes.  It's, easily, 7-9 times an hour.  It's never a bad thing to have someone tell you, repeatedly, they "love you this much". 

Pinned Image
makes me think of Lynden everytime

Alyssa on the other hard hasn't really registered the change; if she has she's not showing anything.  Although I suspect when Danny gets up on Saturday morning she's going to be all over him. 

I cannot wait to have my husband home; I really missed him. 


  1. I know what you mean about it being easier then you thought. I used to be an army wife, and it was a little easier because my ex didn't help me and him being gone just meant that he was one less to clean up after. My husband, on the other hand, we have never been apart, so I couldn't imagine him being gone. I pray the time passes and your hubby is home soon!

    1. That was the other thing; if I put something down I knew where it was 12 hours later, LOL

  2. Uh, don't you love it when companies seem to forget that their employees may actually have lives outside of work! My husband's office has done this (literally given us 3 days notice that he was leaving for a month!!!). Glad to hear that everything seems to be improving though and the husband will be back soon.

    1. It was great, they didn't even mention that this trip might happen. They just said "hey, we're sending you to monteal, hope that's ok". And we just found out they were extending some people's trips, thankfully they're sending him home on time.

  3. oh wow... I know what you mean about it being easier because you just knew you had to do it.. but my boys would miss their daddy SO MUCH! they're a little older so understand more, but if he's just gone for the evening my 4 year old will NOT go to bed. he'll just be up crying every 2 minutes, asking when daddy is coming home.. glad he doesn't have to go on any trips!!

    1. It's hard on everyone, especially when they don't understand what's going on.
      Thankfully we're down to the last 25 hours :o)

  4. My husband sometimes travels a lot for work (last year he was gone for 2 months). The thing I like best is that I have ultimate control and everything happens on my schedule. For a mild control freak, that can apease me even when I'm missing my man. Glad it worked out well.
    And don't stress out too much about the boy's potty training - he'll be good enough for preschool.

    1. I couldn't imagine 2 months! But I do like the complete control ;o)