Sunday, June 3, 2012

Resolution Update - May

First: I started growing some stuff.  Vague isn't it? 

I have planted the stem of celery, the top of a pineapple (apparently can take up to 18 months to have a pineapple), and some potatoes. 

The celery has started to sprout.  The pineapple, which I don't have high hopes for, has rooted.  And the potatoes needed to be recovered once, so something is happening. 

I've seen a way to grow potted carrots so that might be my next attempt. 
As for food waste:  I set a goal to waste no more than $10. 

Food wasted:
4 Panini Buns = $1.50 (missed my opening to freeze them)
50g Smoked Montreal = $1.75 (don't look at me, I don't eat it)
bowl of rice = $0.46 (somehow got missed and should have been frozen)
3 bagels = $.99
Chicken = $2.12 (this was suppose to be eaten as lunch but somehow it completely missed in the giant slow cooker insert sitting in the fridge - this one irked me)
Grapes = $.64
head of lettuce = $.99
3 potatoes = $.75



Yay!  Achieved my goal... BUT... I make this list as to the items that are actually thrown out in the month, I do not include the items in my fridge waiting for the next garbage day.  Having said that there is 3 baby bok choy, a bag of beans, 2 chicken burgers, and 3 beef burgers waiting to be tossed, which I'm estimating to be $6.30.  I don't know if this counts as making my goal or not (however, these won't be tossed until next garbage day, which is June, so I'm going to count it as a win.)
"Aww, phooey", as Donald Duck (and Lynden) would say.  I Totally forgot about the pork roast I buggered.  I threw it into the slow cooker with the saran wrap still on it.... Ya...  Roast was $2.50 (we bought a 10lb tenderloin for $20 and got TONS out of it), the cans of tomatoes, corn, and black beans was another $1.50, making it $4, which brings my month total to $13.20.

**** Update since this was written: I cleaned out my fridge and not good :-(  $3 worth of stuff tossed.  So, I am sitting at $9.30 for June and it's only the 3rd.  I have 70-cents left for the next27 days. 

Year to Date:

Average Month:

Estimated waste for a year:

This is still too high. 

So, next month I am going to set the same goal, to be under $10.  I'll have my work cut out for me since I've already got $6.30 sitting in my fridge and freezer to toss, so I need to keep it to less than $3.70 for the rest of the month. 

This many be slightly easier than you'd think.  Danny leaves for Montreal for 2 weeks, for work, so instead of needing/wanting his opinion on dinner ideas I can make what I want and I'm cooking for 1.5 people instead of cooking for 4 (leftovers for lunch).  This should bring down our grocery costs for the first 2 weeks and reduce the amount I need to toss as I'll be buying less.  So, I may be able to keep it under my goal. 

As for the declutter calendar... it's taken a back seat this month while we've been adjusting to me returning to work.  I have decided to not feel bad about it.  Danny and I have agreed to spend a day going through the whole house and clearing out all our junk and stuff we just don't use anymore.  Once we do that I'll get back to the declutter calendar. 

That's my monthly update.  You can read about my previous months here


  1. I think it's great that you are aware of your waste and actively trying to reduce it ! Awesome job!!!

    Thanks for the follow, I am following back

    Madeline @ Sunshine and Peanuts

    1. Thanks, I'll feel better about it when I can get it down to under $10 on a regular basis, which I'll have to try again next month for.

  2. i have been trying to save on the food we throw out too... so much easier said than done!! good idea to keep track of $$ amount...

    1. I found it to be a good motivator. And I think if I can show hubby how much maybe he'll be more aware too.... so far.... not so much ;-p

  3. wow, I think what you are doing is awesome!! Keep it up

  4. I think it is so awesome that you are taking such a detailed look at the waste you have each and every month. I am sure it is eye opening.
    Sounds like you are doing great though!

    1. It was eye opening! I would guess each month and I think I probably under guessed every month. Now that I know I'm more away and try a lot harder to use left overs and use my freezer more, which has saved us quite a bit already

  5. what a great resolution and way to keep track and accountable. I might need to do that myself! Following you back! :)