Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday 10: Books

My top 10 books - this was a hard one.
  1. 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    This is my all time favourite book.  I read this book in grade 12 and since then I've read it, at least, 6 times.  I don't know why I like so much but I do. 
  2. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
    Easily my second favourite book, which I've read 4 or more times and every time I cry.  But it looks like I lent it out so I think I need to buy a new copy.  I love Odd and Stormy (characters).  I've read all the Odd Thomas books but the 1st is my favourite. 
  3. Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
    One of the first Stephen King books I read and I've read it twice now, although a third reading is probably in order.  It's also the first book-movie combo I've enjoyed, even though they completely changed the ending. 
  4. Head Hunter by Michael Slade
    If you live in Vancouver you should read this book!  I am really good at figuring out whodunits but this one had me guessing to the end (you won't guess the killer).  I've read it (and most of the Special X series) at least twice.  I tried to get Danny to read it (in exchange for reading the Dark Tower series) but he didn't make it far.  I recommend to anyone and eveyone, although it's a good idea to have a twisted curiosity into the mind of serial killers and a bit of a strong stomach (I haven't read past Swastika because I found it the hardest of the books to read, although I want to catch up to the series)
  5. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
    I'm one of the odd ones out there that liked Angels & Demons better than Da Vinci Code.  I really enjoyed the ending and was highly disappointed they didn't stick to it in the movie. 
  6. Charlotte's Web by E.B White
    This was one of my favourites as a child.  I still own my copy and plan on reading it to the kids when they get older. 
  7. The Cat in the Hat by Dr.Seuss
    Another childhood favourite and I love reading it to Lynden, even though it's over 50 pages!
  8. Stephen King's The Dark Tower SeriesI finished reading a book, I don't remember which one, and Danny chose my next book, which was the Gunslinger.  I found the book to be painful and beyond boring, but I agreed to read the next book (The Drawing of Three) and I really enjoyed it.  By the time I got The Waste Lands I was in love with the characters.  As I am reading the last of the series (although Stephen King is releasing another book) I think I am going to go back and re-read the Gunslinger. 
  9. Dean Koontz' Frankenstein SeriesI started the series in 2005, not realizing it was going to be a series.  In 2009 Koontz came out with the 3rd book so I powered through the series and really enjoyed it.  Last Christmas I learned there were 2 more books published, so Danny got them for me for Christmas and they were much better than I thought they would be.  I highly recommend the series. 
  10. By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz
    In case you're keeping track that makes 3 Dean Koontz books/series.  This book he made it so easy to love the characters and want to see them succeed at everything (very similar to One Door Away From Heaven, which if I was going to add another would be it, bringing my Koontz total to 4)



  1. I forgot about Charlotte's Web! I loved that book! I am your newest follower on GFC! I found you via the link up today. Check out my Tuesday Ten.


    1. It was (and still is) a good book. Thanks for the follow, happliy following back :o)

  2. Great books! I love Charlottes Web and By The Light Of the Moon!

    1. Then I highly recommend Odd Thomas - just have a box of kleenex handy