Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Highlights - June 22

This week was a little slower for us, I don't really know why.  There were still some highlights

- At work we made our monthly budget 14 days early!!!  This means we have 13 days of gravy, which means bigger bonuses for the staff.  Yay!!

- The kids and I met with a new doctor this week and I like her.  Yes, I was able to find a female doctor.  The one we chose when we moved was, really, not a good choice.
I had a Fantastic doctor in the Okanagan and got used to her style, so I was a little put off when this doctor forgot to measure and weigh Alyssa at her 6 month check up (he had a training doctor with him who reminded him).  I stopped taking the kids after that. 

- Danny, who is home!, received his new supervisor's pay starting last week, which means this week we see the financial benefit of the new position. 

- Wednesday marked the first day of summer, and mother nature rewarded us with SUN!!!  A rarity here in June for some reason. 

- Thursday morning Lynden woke up with his second consecutive dry pull up (something he's been doing for months but went to hell in a hand basket when we learned Danny was leaving for 2 weeks).  We rewarded it with a bike ride to Mc Donalds for ice cream.  On the way I remembered it was Thursday, which meant A&W, which is across the street from Mc Donalds, was having their weekly classic car show.  Lynden was thrilled to see all the cars, even though he wasn't allowed to touch them. 

- Alyssa seems to be trying to say some words, which fills me with joy beyond belief (you can read why here).  We have her a cookie and said "coooookieeeeeeeeee" (if you're a parent you totally read that the way it was meant) a few times, she laughed, walked away, and said "ooookee".  Danny and I both smiled. 
Then, Thursday at Mc Donalds she grabbed a napkin and I said "paaaaaaaaaper" then "naaaaaaapkin" and she answered me with "aper". 
She's trying and that relieves a lot of my worry. 

- She's also thinking about her signing more.  She's thinking about what she wants when I ask her "more or all done?" and signs accordingly.  She's also taken to signing "eat", which is almost as helpful as her running to the fridge when I open it and grabbing what she wants before I close it. 
She's also nodding, which she wasn't doing before.  You'd ask her something and she'd just shake her head and sign for more.  Now if the answer is yes she nods. 

- Even though it hasn't happened yet I am Really looking forward to my company BBQ on Sunday.  I'm excited to see people I haven't seen in ages and finally putting faces to names signed at the end of emails (I know these people since I've talked and emailed them countless times in my 7 years with HOK but I've met only a handful). 

That's my week in a nutshell.  I'll leave you with a few of my favourite pictures from last week's Zoo visit

not a great one of me but I adore his laughing face

Love that smile

posing at the hippo sign

my new Fav Lynden picture


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  2. I love that laughing pic! So cute! Congrats on your awesome work stuff! A company picnic sounds fun too :)

    Oh yeah and congrats on having your Hubby home :) That's got to be a relief for you. I'd be so sad if my guy had to leave for 2 weeks.

    1. It's such a cute picture (and you totally can't tell he was having a full on melt down about 15 seconds prior)

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  4. Sounds like quite a week. Congratulations on the dry pull up, hearing your sweet daughter put into words things like cooookies, the promise of increased finances in the future...congratulations on seeing the positives in life :)