Thursday, June 21, 2012

Out And About: The Zoo

{Sorry folks, LOTS of pictures... Lots!}

My mom treated Lynden (and me too) to the zoo last week and did we ever luck out weather wise.  It was one of the few nice days we've had in weeks (and we're a little weather shy about going to the zoo on iffy days - read about our last trip to the zoo here). 

Lynden was pretty excited to go.  Which made the migraine I got that morning even harder on me.  Thankfully my grandma, who was already taking Alyssa for the afternoon AND letting me borrow her car to get to the zoo AND pick Danny up that night at the airport, was able to come over and watch the kids while I power napped through the worst of it. 

Once I woke up we were off to the zoo. 

When we arrived we had time for a quick bite before we headed off to see the lions and tiger be fed. 

Lynden saying "zoo"

lion eating

her paws were huge

After that we wandered around until the hippo feeding at 3 and our train ride at 4. 


Lynden {not} looking at the flamingos


hello there!

mama & Lynden checking out the pigs

deer of some sort... I think

Lynden & Ya Ya

a sign

poser ;o)

one of my favourites from the day

bald eagle

Grizzly Bear



A Burro enjoying lunch


Lynden checking out the Ostrich

Ajax or something like that

another sign


He Loved the signs of the different animals; he couldn't care less about the actual animal. Every time he saw a sign he would say "look, another sign" and run off to it. He would point to the animal on the sign and when we tried to show him the actual animal he would tell us "I Know!! What else do they have at the zoo?" and run to the next sign.

It was quite funny. 

We made it through the park faster than we thought we would so we stopped by the bird show. 


the hawk flying at us

so pretty

a peacock
which Lynden sometimes said as "big" instead of "pea"

My mom even got a chance to wear the glove and have the hawk come to her. 

After that we decided to go and eat and head over to the hippo feeding, which we ended up missing, so we wandered around some more until the train ride. 

waiting for lunch in his new Spiderman hat

these peacocks loitered




I had to threaten no train ride if he didn't
let me take this picture

this turtle could move!
and fast!


I can't remember the name but it was a cross between
a jack rabbit and some type of dog

not a great one of me but I LOVE his face

a bit better


the best shot I could get of the Siberian Tiger

We had about 30 minutes to kill before the train boarded so Lynden decided to play on the playground.  He really impressed me.  He's not overly outgoing with trying new things and there was a snake-tunnel slide that he had to climb up 8 steps to get to (not regular steps; it was probably 8-10 feet tall) and he did it on his own (without us prompting him to go). 

Finally it was train time!  And we got the best tour - a lot of the animals were further back earlier in the day and we're coming into view and up close while we were on the train. 

waiting for the train to go



the first time the Zebra came out all day

We finished the day with a quick tour of the vivarium to see frogs, spiders, snakes, alligators, and various lizards.  Then a few last slides in the playground. 

Lynden did Really well.  He walked around the zoo for almost 5 hours!!  He was done when we left, so much so that we decided he didn't want to go to the airport to pick up daddy, he wanted to go to bed instead.  That's how done he was.

It was a really fun day!


  1. Around here, we LOVE the zoo (or perhaps I should write it IS a zoo!). I was going to write that you can never have enough pictures but there was that one time when I went on my first flight and took 2 rolls of film out the window (the clouds looked so much different in real life). Love your pictures.

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    I follow you via BlogLovin and Linky (JourneysofTheZoo).

    Regards, Sarah
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    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

    1. I'm glad someone wasn't put off by all my pictures ;o) (I only took 250 that day). And clouds Do look so different from above - I took many cloud pictures when I went to the domincian a few years ago.
      Happily following back :o)