Friday, February 24, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane: Dominican

Back in 2007 my mom treated my sister and I with a trip to the Dominican.  It was flippin' awesome!  And we went in November so while it was trying to snow in the Okanagan I was lounging on the beach in 40 degree weather, every day. 

As I look out the window and watch the rain fall, threatening to turn to snow, I can't help but think about those sunny days, warm water, feeling the sand beneath my toes, rocking my cute bikinis, and good tropical drinks. 

Join me on my trip down memory lane won't you?

flamingos at the hotel

my sis rockin' the flower look

my sis lounging with her coconut

ocean view while on a day trip

one of Many beautiful sunsets

palm trees and crystal clear waters

not a great photo but I was enjoying the catamaran

me on my 23rd birthday

holding a starfish

butterfly that was almost the size of your hand


under water shot

for anyone one who knows my sis
this is her pose

Oh to be lying on a beach....

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