Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Joys Of 2 Kids

One area of concerns, well not concern but one of my thoughts, when deciding to have kids is that I don't have a strong stomach.  Vomit, poop, blood are not something I can handle, and well kids poop, vomit, and occasionally have blood come out of them at one point or another. 

There's something that new parents don't really know; babies (or mother nature) ease you into poop.  It starts off black and tarry but it doesn't smell so you don't think anything of it.  It slowly changed colour and has a bit of a smell.  By the time you're totally over poop babies switch to solid foods and HELLO!  What once didn't bother you starts to bother you.  What comes out of them at times is astounding. 

Lynden was a pooper in his littler days.  Most of his diaper shirts for the first six months of his life had yellow stains across the mid-back.  I remember, clearly, him sitting in the exersaucer and making his pooping noise and Danny and I both running to him, yanking him out, and stripping him as fast as we could to avoid having poopy clothes.  This wasn't a one time thing, this was a daily thing. 

Thankfully Lynden has never really vomited before, some watery stuff but not chunks of anything.  He's only bled once and it was traumatic for me, however, he's rocking a pretty cool scar now.

Lynden 2 days after banging his head on
the edge of a glass table. 
He looks pretty cool rockin' the butterfly bandaid

We've also been really lucky with Alyssa; no vomit, no blood (although a few Very close calls), and as good as her plumbing is we haven't had many explosive diapers.

We were pretty lucky... until the last week.

Last Tuesday Lynden complained of a sore tummy; he does this at dinner time so he doesn't have to eat his dinner so we kinda shrugged it off.  Especially when he asked for a bedtime snack.  Lynden had a Very rough night so Danny went to sleep in Lynden's room (there was no sleep that night).  Around 2 Lynden came into our room to sleep with me.  Shortly after he crawled under the covers he started to have BIG hiccups and cried.  After getting him settled down he fell asleep.  Less than an hour later the hiccups and tears were back, but that wasn't all. 

Projectile vomiting. 

I called for Danny to get a bowl and went to the bathroom to wash my hands (like all insane mothers I tried to cup what I could, but it was dark so I didn't know how bad it was).  When I came out of the bathroom I saw the carnage.  It was all over the bed and Lynden.  We stripped him down, washed him as best as we could, got him into new pj's, stripped the bed, and started a load of laundry at 3am.  Lynden and Danny went back to Lynden's room, only to have a repeat in his bed.  More stripping of bedding. 

The next few days were tough on Lynden - not eating much, sleepy, and all around not feeling well.  By Friday he was starting to feel better.  Just in time for me to get a cold and an ear infection. 

As soon as the antibotics kicked in Alyssa got a terrible cold - her first big cold.  Saturday morning she was getting cranky so Lynden got her blanket, which Alyssa took to mean nap, so she walked to her crib and waited for me to put her in.  She doesn't normally take the morning nap anymore. 

Sunday: 2 naps.  Monday: one nap that started at 11:15 (a non-nap time in our house) and ended at 1:15.  Tuesday: an hour long nap at 10:30 (allowable nap time) only to have her demanding a nap at noon, which I was able to delay until 12:30.  At 2:30 she woke up and when I went to pick her up I could smell her... little did I know. 

Hands down, Worst.diaper.Ever! 

It just missed coming up the back of the diaper by a hair, but the front was useless.  It was above her belly button, which meant all over her overalls and shirt.  After stripping her down, which was tricky trying to spread as little as possible, she instinctively went to play with her belly button.  I stopped her and called for Lynden to sit above her head and hold her hands so she wouldn't get it all over herself (if anything was projectile vomit worthy it was this diaper).  Once she was stripped I ran her a bath only to have her pee on the carpet while she was waiting for me.


After putting her in the tub I had Lynden watch to make sure she didn't stand up while I scrubbed the carpet, stripped her bed (it was a lovely smell of nasty poop), and started my second emergency load of laundry in a week. 

Now it looks like Lynden has caught Alyssa's cold - his nose hasn't stopped running and has a fever. 

The joys of two kids; staggered sicknesses.

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