Monday, February 13, 2012

The Cookbook Of All Cookbooks

I might have mentioned before that I'm totally kind of addicted to Pinterest.  Usually I find things I like and would like to do but every now and again I find something that Speaks to me.  This last week I found 2 pins that called out to me. 

One was a room design:

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I love this room so much that I've informed Danny this is what we're doing for Alyssa's bedroom.  Sadly the cubes were on sale at Zellers last week and we didn't have the extra money for 2 sets of them.  When they go on sale again we'll be buying them and rearranging Alyssa's room.  I even love the paint colours. 

The other pin that called to me was one about making your own cookbook.

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I checked out the blog behind the pin and found out how she did it.  It's a bit time consuming (you have to type out your recipes) but so worth it.  I love the idea of having a cookbook full of recipes you actually use, instead of 20 cookbooks with 5 recipes in each or my make-your-own book that's full of scrap paper, as well as using family pictures. 

I've already started a Blurb account and started my list of recipes I want to include.  We've had a few weeks of new recipes, some hits and some misses, and a few more coming up.  All the ones we like will be penciled into the book. 

I'm also considering using Blurb to do up annual photo books; so much easier than printing pictures and scrapbooking them (not that I scrapbook; although I would love to do an actual album for each of the kids' first year). 

If you have any recipes you think I should try out send it to me and I will try it out (the only exception is I don't eat red meat or game - story for another time maybe).  

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