Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you to the bus drivers who pass us each time we're out for a walk. 

Thank you to the garbage men who come every Wednesday, rain or shine.

Thank you to the firemen who drive firetrucks and wave to happy little boys.

Lynden in front of a vintage fire truck at a local car show

Thank you to the mail man who comes to our house {almost} every day and makes us wonder if there's anything special.

Thank you to the "music truck"; we can hear your songs from down the street.

Thank you to the emergency vehicles that have its siren going, we know it means someone needs help and you're coming as fast as you can.

looks like the Sheriff from Cars

Thank you to the recycle men who come twice each Wednesday (I don't know why they don't do the whole street at once). 

Thank you tow trucks for taking cars to the car doctor. 

Thank you to the men (and occasional women) who drive old cars, new cars that look old, cars with cool tires, or cars that go fast).

he wanted to see inside every car
seriously, every car
Thank you to the construction vehicles, it's exciting seeing you work (or drive down the road).

Thank you to any big truck driver, we are always guessing what your hauling. 

Thank you to car doctors for fixing all those broken cars.

All of you contribute to the happiness, excitement, and joy of my son each and every day.