Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some Updates

I ended up taking two weeks off from blogging (mainly to exhaustion), which has left you waiting with anticipation on some things.

* The Hot Wheel Event

We gave him his shirt on Friday night and he was the happiest kid on the face of the earth (I wish I had taken a picture of his reaction to the shirt, it was that good).  Danny told him he had to wear it to his "surprise" the next day. 

When we arrived on Saturday the first thing the Hot Wheels people said was "look at your Hot Wheel shirt". 

They had 3 different tracks set up (basically the same set of tracks just in different configurations) and we has a hard time prying Lynden away from them.  Even Alyssa loved the new cars they released (you can roll them into balls). 

I wasn't as thrilled with it as I thought I would be.  The tracks were disappointing and weren't set up well so cars kept falling off them.  Worse, Toys R Us had no sales on any Hot Wheels.  We bought the new track from Zellers, at a lower price (and a coupon, thanks to the Hot Wheels people!) for Lynden's birthday. 

I am really happy Lynden was happy with his surprise.

* Metallica

Was Awesome!

It was a weird show because they're filming a 3D movie and this last minute $5 show was to film the holes from previous shootings.  After every song they stopped so they could move cameras and such, so we got to sit and talk. 

However, every time they started the next song we were on our feet, yelling. 

We heard about 12 songs in 3 hours (some half songs and some repeats) but it was still wicked.  I can totally see how amazing they would be in a real show. 

I told Danny next time they come to town we'll go see them.  Although I'm a little afraid of how coarse my throat will be considering I was hoarse after that show. 

* Other than that:

I've {mainly} enjoyed our last few days of our no-school lives.  We've started making the library part of our regular routine and I'm loving Lynden's excitment to borrow books. 

September is a super busy month.

Today Lynden started preschool!!!

He had a great time and was disappointed we had to leave after an hour.  He's really going to enjoy it!

Saturday we celebrated my Nana's 100th birthday!  Today is her actual birthday. 

Lynden giving Great Nana her card

We've already a wedding, a nephew's birthday, and a new baby cousin born. 

We've still got a trip to Playland, two more birthday parties (one of which is Lynden's), a niece's birthday, a trip to the corn maze, a baby shower, and the start of activities (skating for Lynden and swimming for both kids). 

As busy as it will be I am looking forward to it all.


  1. wow! you do sound busy!! glad you are enjoying it. :)

  2. What swim class are you taking with Alyssa? I'm going to be signing Jackson and I up for a parent and tot (fingers crossed he doesn't scream the whole time)

    1. parent and tot. Alyssa's a water baby so it'll be good for her. Maybe we should take them together one time and Jackson can see how fun it is

  3. wow! Just awesome! Beginning of preschool, a hundredth birthday (a very happy birthday to your granny!)AND a Metallica concert!! Can you see how super-busy you were!

    1. And that waws just the start... busy few weeks ahead of us

  4. So cute! My boys would LOVE a shirt like that! What is it with boys and their Hot Wheels?
    I hope you find time for some "You Time" in between your busy'ness :)