Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday To You!

This past weekend we celebrated Lynden's birthday (along with a baby shower and a surprise party for my sister's boyfriend). 

It was a blast!

We set up games for the kids

Shoot the Bad Guy and Stick the Spider on the Web
use a "web shooter" (silly string)

The goodie bags were a hit!  I'm not sure what was the most popular: the 3D glasses, the glow sticks, or the Rice Krispie Squares (I'm leaning towards the last with all the empty wrappers I found).

A BIG thank you to my cousin who made enough for everyone to go along with the 3D goodie bags, plates, napkins, banned, Lynden's shirt, and various gifts that were 3D).

My cupcakes didn't quite turn out as planned, but my stepmom had a great backup plan, which worked out well.  They were still pretty yummy.

And someone got SPOILED! 


We then had a home picnic dinner of pizza and a movie. 

On Lynden's actual birthdaywe spent some family time together (Alyssa will get it this coming birthday).  We've done a pumpkin patch, the zoo, and this year was a few different things.

We went skating.

We had an adventure and mystery in our local corn maze

Followed by the petting zoo and pig race

After a quick quiet time we went for ice cream then home for his requested dinner of Macaroni and Cheese. 

I cannot believe my little boy is 4!!


  1. What a great party! I love the "shoot the bad guys" game with the silly string - I'm sure that was a hit.

  2. oooohhhh.. shoot the bad guys with silly string is a great idea! i might have to do that just on a normal day.. but I'm afraid the boys would probably each think the other one was the "bad guy." lol! glad you had so much fun family time!

    1. Good way to settle a fight (hard to be mad when ducking silly string)