Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Potty Training: Round 2

I had written an entire post late last week about Alyssa's potty training.  I complained about how she just was not getting it; she would pee on the potty but would sit there for 10 minutes first or she would sit there and have nothing happen only to pee somewhere else and not care that she was wet.  We didn't know how she was doing with pooping because we would recognize the poop face and run her to the potty.  I bitched about reading the same books over and over and over again. I was tired of being stuck inside (and it was a beautiful week) and even though I had taken the week off of work to do it I was missing Lynden's karate classes.  I was bummed that everyone said "girls are easier than boys" and my girl wasn't. 

Then Saturday night rolled around.

Alyssa woke during the night crying, which is not all that uncommon since she wants to sleep in our bed.  Danny went in and she said "pee", so he took her to the bathroom and she went and her pull up was dry.  My 27 month old girl woke during the night to tell us she had to pee!  This was Huge!

She followed it up with her first accident free day on Sunday. 

She woke from her nap the next day crying and said "poo".  It was the first time she had told us she had to poo.

Since then she's figured it out.

Yesterday we had a partial accident; of course the messy kind.  She said she had to poo but as I was pulling down her pants and lifting her onto the potty she was going.   The bathroom got a pretty good cleaning after that. 

However, she was bummed about not getting her treat (she was getting 1 Smartie after peeing and 1 Easter treat after pooping).  I explained that she did tell mommy she had to go but we missed the potty so no treat.  About 5 minutes later she said "poo" so we went back and she went again.  She got her treat. 

Today she told me she had to go before going.  I think we've hit success (it took 7 days).  I know there are going to be accidents but she's got it. 

As she's gotten better we've started cutting back on the pee rewards.  If she asks for a Smartie I give her one, if she forgets (most of the time) I "forget" too.  If accidents start to become a regular occurrence we will use a sticker chart with escalating rewards since we know she can do it. 

And it's been nice to have her in panties, she loves them, instead of having her bare bum all the time.  It just makes life easier. 

I am so proud of Alyssa. 

And I can honestly say that I agree, girls are easier to potty train than boys. 

I'll leave you with a few pictures we had done the day before Alyssa started potty training


  1. I am so jealous! We are having the toughest time potty training. My son doesn't care that he is wet when he has an accident. I don't understand it. Some days we do awesome, the next day it's accident after accident. Very frustrating!

  2. You are blessed! Potty training has been a back and forth issue with us and since LJ joined the family...well Mommy is a little bit bad about following through! I'm very proud of your little 'big' girl and hope she keeps up the good work!!
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    1. Thanks Anonymous. I really appreciate knowing you're bored reading my blog. My suggestion: find something else to do and maybe you won't have to waste your precious time reading stuff that bores you

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