Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Karate Kids

So, I know this is "Wordless Wednesday" but I should explain a bit. 
As I've mentioned before Lynden started karate last month (he LOVES it).  Alyssa is right into it as well; when Lynden practices at home she's right there with him, punching, kicking, bowing, etc.  During classes she pushes a chair right up to the counter so she can watch Everything Lynden does. 
A few classes ago Alyssa was the centre of attention at one of her brother's classes when she was participating in the viewing area. 
Last night, during Lynden's class, the kids were practicing palm thrusts and kneeing and one student yelled "kias" loudly and the sensei commented on what a great "kia" that was.  So, all the kids started hollering "kia" while beating up poor Bob (the dummy). 
Alyssa, not to be left out, also called out"kia", a few times, loudly.  The sensei was impressed with her that he awarded her with her own belt. 
To say she was thrilled was an understatement. 
her belt
This is an old picture
you can tell by Lynden's hair
my karate kids

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