Thursday, April 12, 2012

Choosing Names

Today I thought I would share with you how we came up with our kids names. 

Choosing the right name is such a hard thing to do, nevermind when two people have to agree on the name. 

Thankfully Danny and I came up with an agreement that worked really well for us.  I got to name our first son and Danny got to name our first daughter, with the other choosing the middle name(s).  Since we've had one of each we both got to choose our names and if we were to have a third Danny would name a boy and I would name a girl.  Make sense?

Here's how we came up with our names.

Lynden Nicholas Christian:

When we got pregnant the first time Lynden's full name had already been decided on (at a much earlier date).  Since we didn't know what we were having Danny had to have a girl's name ready to go.  Earlier on in the pregnancy Danny had chosen Emily, a name he has liked practically his whole life, then at a wedding girl names were thrown around and one stuck. 


Well, it stuck for Danny, I was not keen on the name.  I was so not in love with the name I never thought about middle names (although I knew the basis for one, which I used for Alyssa). 
Thankfully we had a boy (I really didn't like the name Annabelle).

Lynden is after the one and only Trevor Linden, my all time favourite hockey player but with a different spelling.  Nicholas and Christian are after two of Danny's closest friends.  I We opted to go with two middle names because my sister has two and I was always  jealous since I only have one. 

I adore Lynden's whole name.  It flows beautifully and suits him wonderfully.

Alyssa Verina:

With our second pregnancy we decided to find out the sex (another agreement Danny and I made.  I got to choose if we found out the sex with baby #1, which we didn't, and Danny got to choose the second time around.  I don't know what the deal would be with a third), although that didn't stop us from coming up with names for both sexes.  Either way Danny was choosing the name of our baby since he was naming 1st daughter or 2nd son. 

Titan was the name Danny had chosen for a boy.  He was looking at one of Lynden's shirts that said "Titans of rock" on it and Titan stuck.  Again, I wasn't fully sold on it, the teasing names were too obvious for me, but I wasn't too worried since I knew we were having a girl before the ultrasound technician told us. 

Danny and I threw around names for quite awhile before we had it narrowed down to 2 (I made many suggestions but in the end it was Danny's call).  The final 2 names were Alyssa and Everleigh, as much as I love Alyssa's name I am still very fond of the name Everleigh. 

I knew he was going to choose Alyssa since he liked how Lynden and Alyssa flowed, but he chose to wait until he saw her to make the final call. 

At some point on his drive up to the Okanagan on the day Alyssa was born he picked her name, which he told me after arriving at the hospital (at that point I didn't really care what she was called as long as she came out of me). 

I knew our daughter's middle name would have something to do with Barbara, as two of my grandmothers are named Barbara as well as my sister, who is Alyssa's godmother. 

However, the name Barbara doesn't go with squat! 

So, I looked up variations of the name and stumbled onto Verina, which is Latin for faith and truth. 

It's another beautiful name with a wonderful meaning.

If we were to have a third baby (it's not on the table but we have not taken it off the table, although I realistically don't see it happening) Danny would name a boy and I would name a girl.  Names I still like are Everleigh, Ava, and Jessa.  Recently I've fallen in love with the name Corbin for a boy.

As hard as it is to choose the right name we all seem to find it.  Some of us dwell right down to the bitter end and some know from day one what it will be.  Either way it always seems to work perfectly.

How did you choose your kids' names?  Any names you're still holding onto?

A few people commented on how much they liked my Love posts and said they might make their own lists.  I am just about ready to post my next list (sometime in the next 2 weeks) and wondered if people would like to link up?  Leave a comment or contact me and let me know if you're interested.  I'll let you know what date I am posting my next list. 


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